Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pizza & Movies - better in 3's?

Maybe not better in threes, but that describes my week!

Pizza - We had some pie Monday night at the McCalls for birthday supper (3 of us share a birthday, so it's tradition...)  Then Friday night I was too lazy to cook a real supper so we threw in some frozen pizza before I remembered that we had already eaten pizza this week.  Then today for lunch at church we had a newcomers luncheon where the staff, deacons and new families stay and eat together... and we ate pizza.  It was the best of three, I think.

Movies - Last Sunday night the church rented a theater for a showing of the Blind Side, which was good (the movie) and strange (knowing everybody in the theater!)  Friday night we went to the cheap theater for a family night out.  We saw the Princess and the Frog, which was good as far as Disney's effects, but not so great with all the voodoo and dark side stuff.  Madeline said she wished she had picked Planet 51, which was the other option.  Then last night M had a sleepover at a friend's house, so Sean and I picked ourselves off the couches after a lazy day and went out to another show, Cop Out.  It was some laughs, but lots of language and I don't think you'd miss out if you didn't see it.

What was the last movie you saw and would you recommend it?

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Violet said...

Violet is obsessed with "Cars" right now and today we had a family movie time so guess what we watched? I would recommend it. It has a good message and doesn't have anything too scary in it.