Wednesday, March 17, 2010

TV and the fall of creativity

I found this great post by Seth Godin on things to do other than watch TV.  He says he never watches TV.  Ever.  There are so many other things he'd rather be doing.  This list of other things you could be doing is from that post (but I do recommend you hop over and read the whole thing):
  • Run a little store on eBay
  • Write a daily blog
  • Write a novel
  • Start an online community about your favorite passion
  • Go to meetups in your town
  • Volunteer to tutor a kid, in person or online
  • Learn a new language, verbal or programming
  • Write hand written thank you notes each evening to people who helped you out or did a good job
  • Produce small films and publish them online
  • Listen to the one thousand most important operas
  • Read a book or two every evening
  • Play a game of Scrabble with your family
For my birthday, I got the entertainment package.  On TV.  The one that has the channels that play Criminal Minds, NCIS, House, Bones, CSI... All the shows that are pulling me the other way now.  Sigh.  Oh, well - some nights I am productive and creative and some nights I am relaxed and spending time with Sean in front of the TV.  It's all about balance.

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