Sunday, April 25, 2010

auntie again!

I got a call from my brother at lunchtime, and Zachary Montague Theodore Schneider has made his arrival.  It was very much on his own time (one week overdue) and yes, he is big enough to handle that handle.  Twelve pounds, one ounce, 21 1/2 inches long.  I hope I got the spellings right - I didn't ask.  Montague is a Schneider family name, and Theodore is a special name in Jen's family.  It will be painful to wait a whole 26 days till we get to go see them.  Mom just sent me this (yes, they were here this morning and this was taken in Winnipeg this afternoon):

We now have 15 nephews & nieces - 7 boys, 8 girls, and one little one that will make an appearance in a few weeks.  Happy birthday to Levi (the second oldest of them all) who just turned 11 on Friday!  This is him on the gyroscope at the science center when he came to visit last summer.

My grad yesterday was a nice surprise.  I do see the accomplishment we made; the future may hold more, but for now, this is something to celebrate.  It was nice to have my parents and Sean's parents here - I completely forgot that I wanted to get a good family picture, though...  Sigh.  So many cameras, and not one shot of the 3 or the 7 of us.  Speaking of cameras, Sean got me a Nikon for a grad present.  Yay!   I have  We have a great digital SLR that we got ourselves for Christmas a year and a half ago, but for a while now I've wanted a good little camera to carry around with me, since I don't usually carry the big camera case around unless I am planning on taking photos.  We've looked for a while, and he surprised me with a better one than I was hoping for.  I'm having fun with the touch screen and panorama assist and figuring out some of the other details.

Have a great Sunday - I hope you are able to take a sabbath and rest and be restored today.


Alexis said...

Wow! After looking at the picture, I though to myself: "What a big baby!" and THEN I read the weight/height. (I have to admit, that terrifies me just a little, lol.)


Penny said...

My sister was 11-2 and I that was big! People marvel that I had a 9-2 boy, and I thought that was a fairly normal size. Congrats on the new nephew!