Monday, April 05, 2010

First Bike of the Season

Sean got out our bikes after supper, filled the tires, and off we went along the bike paths (we have to go under the tracks and across a busy road, but then we're set for quite a ways.  While we were out we saw people playing at the playground and a wailing child who did not want to leave the playground; people walking their dogs and people letting their dogs run on the fields (including a beagle Daisy who tried to chase me down); kids on bikes (in t shirts and shorts - I was wearing my winter jacket, toque and gloves); a family playing with a Frisbee ring and kites; and mamas walking pushing strollers.  And we heard birds, and of course something funny out of M's mouth.  I came up behind her and said, "I'm coming!" to which she replied, "I'm going!" as she sped up.

Yay!  Spring is here!  The other two never even came in when we got back - Sean is out in the garage and M was sweeping off the deck to get it ready for the patio furniture.  Earlier today she said that if it was out, she'd go read in the backyard.  Soon.

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