Sunday, April 11, 2010


I've got a great 'she said what?' post for you today.

We were sitting at supper eating chicken fingers and fries, and M commented on the plum sauce for some reason.  Plum in french is prune, so the jar is labeled with both words.  I asked her if she knew what a prune was, and she said, "Plum - in french prune is the word for plum."  I asked her if she knew what prune meant in English, to which she replied, "Yep.  It's a dried grapefruit."

Some days she tries hard to make us laugh, and some days they come out of nowhere.  Sometimes she gets things wrong on purpose for a laugh, but with this one she was serious.  So funny.

I put prunes on the shopping list for tomorrow.


In other news, I bought a new bag.  My last one only cost me $10 and has lasted a decent amount of time, but is falling apart, and needing badly to be replaced.  I've been keeping my eyes out for a while now, but I'm so not a pursey person, so it's been a bit of a challenge finding something 'me.'  Yesterday after wandering through the mall with Sean and Madeline (and two t shirts and a sweater later), I was pretty certain I'd never find anything.  Then, we walked into Spare Parts.  Up to the back wall, where they had bags.  "That one," I said.  We put it on hold and went home to check the price online (Sean is no stranger to ebay.  They're pretty good friends, actually.)  But nowhere online was it cheaper than the sale price locally, so today we went back to pick it up.  So nice not to have to shop for one anymore.  Mine is more of a chocolate brown; the main body is a woven vinyl, kind of canvassy, and the leather looking straps are a man made fabric, as well.  A vegetarian purse.  And the inside is a bright pink -I can't believe I bought it anyway.  At least no one else will see it...


Christine said...

Matt & Nat! It's actually vegan, there's a difference, ha ha.

HoJo said...

Aw, I miss Madeline. Give her hugs and kisses for me! Nice bag! xxx

Heidi Neufeld said...

I have that exact purse in red! I love it! Not sure if mat and nat is doing it anymore, but when I bought my bag they were donating some money to a charity of your choice when you bought a Samsara bag. You'll have to check it out online!

MOM said...

Anything other than black for the interior is great - black makes it so hard to find things, especially my black wallet!