Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bits and Pieces

My brother and his wife are in the hospital having a baby.  I am waiting patiently for news but am very excited.  Nieces and nephews are so amazing.

When we moved the piano from one wall to the other in November, we heard a crack and it's now dreadfully out of tune.  I'm scared to call the tuner.

We are in paint mode around here.  Pictures to come when it's all done.

Sean made homemade burgers tonight for the first barbeque of the season.  Ten minutes and we'll be eating happy.

Madeline's into string figures and skipping.  So glad we've got all that fun stuff around the house.

I got a call this morning with an order for 15 magic bags.  I happened to have that many in stock & dropped them off on my way to work.  Nice to have a little sideline like that.

There is a thank you card on the phone table in the office that Madeline wrote right after Christmas that I haven't delivered yet.

I'm graduating on Saturday but I'm not really that excited about it.  It's a diploma.  I'm glad to be done, but feel like I'm quitting half way through.

I was asked to join a book club.  We're getting together on Thursday night to discuss A Complicated Kindness by Miriam Toews, and I'm halfway done.  It's well written, but strange and sad.  I sense there's a plot in there somewhere, but it's going to have to speak up if the book is going to get a 'good' at the end.

Please leave me a comment related to any of the above snippets of my life.  Or not related to anything at all.  That's okay too.


Anonymous said...

I know you need to know when people are reading this blog and I know it speaks to you deeply when we engage in it by commenting so I took a few minutes to do just that.

I am moving to Regina this summer. There's a fella that I am in love with and we're thinking that to move forward we need to be on the same soil. It worked better for it to be Canadian soil for now.

I am looking forward to our world's colliding once again. You are elusive and I'm thankful for a season where we can be found.

Have a great day!

Jessica said...

My brother and Sister are having a baby right now too. Well hopefully soon...

Love you Carolyn.


Karen Seymour said...

Hi Carolyn!

I have to agree with you...nieces and nephews ARE amazing!. And great-nieces and great-nephews are too!

Can't wait to hear about the new baby. Hope you'll post a picture!!


Anonymous said...

read that book too... or most of it at least. It wasn't what I thought. However apparently it won a big award. Maybe I'm just not in-tune with 'good' ;)
Jen Siemens

Christan said...

That book is actually one of my favourites. I am always amazed at her ability to invent herself in this suffocating situation. Look beyond the "action" or lack of action to her.

Alexis said...

I look forward to hearing about the new baby. Congrats auntie (again).

I miss you.