Saturday, December 04, 2010

Book Club Party & Sad Anniversary

Here are my book club friends!  Last night we met & ate & discussed Animal Farm, and had a book exchange.  Good fun - I enjoy these girls.  We`ve got two little readers on the way - the two in the middle of the back row are both due Dec. 17!  Suzanne`s little one is coming a little sooner, though - (s)he`s breech, so she`s got a C scheduled for Tuesday.   

We set up for the craft sale tonight.  It looks decent - 80 tables and yummy baking...  I`m looking forward to hanging out with Madeline and Carla and Josh and Suzanne tomorrow.  (It`s at WH Ford, 10-4 if you want to come check it out or visit!)  I also wish I was going to be home painting with Sean, but I did get in on some brush action tonight.  We primed the whole kitchen, and painted the kitchen and bathroom ceilings.  All that`s left is the color on the walls.


Today is December 3.  It`s a sad anniversary for us - Neil has been gone 7 years.  Hard to believe.  In so many ways life has moved on, but in so many ways he is still here.  People at the church talk about him, I still see his handwriting in lots of files at work, Madeline is like him in so many ways: she`s got his looks, his musicality, even his teeth!  The dentist said this week that she`ll need braces.  She had the day off today, so we went down to the cemetery.  There was lots of snow, so we shoveled a path and cleared off the stones.  It`s always a reminder, too, of Lucy - she would be 9 now.  I wonder what she`s like.  Something M said right after Neil died was that I was here with her, and Daddy was in Heaven with Lucy.  I don`t know if that just made sense to her, or if it was a comforting thought.  It does take a bit of the edge off, somewhat.  When we saw Carla tonight she asked if we had shoveled - they went out this morning, too, and while they were there Warren and Doug showed up.  M was glad to hear that - she had been asking this morning if I thought anyone else would go.  She likes knowing that other people remember - I think it validates her feelings.

There you go - just some rambling thoughts on day 2555 without him.


MOM said...

I've been remembering too. The last six months or so have been strange - lots of little things have made me think of Neil and things he said and things he did and how we all miss him. He was as good man.

deb said...

Thanks for sharing this Carolyn. I read your words through a mist of tears. He was an amazing person. I miss him too, and I agree with your Mom. He was a good man.

Jen said...

I was thinking of him too...and I still cry every time I hear 'I Can Only Imagine'...sorry I didn't read this sooner, but I wanted you to know that we remember...