Monday, December 06, 2010

Christmas Cards & Cookies!

Or, What I Made Today.

I picked up supplies for cards on Saturday (thinking the whole time, I should just buy some...) but I'm glad I didn't.  These are coming together quickly, and I'm working on my list of who to send them to as I go.  I started the assembly line yesterday, and today some are ready to go.  The cards are a box of blank reds & greens, and they all look good with the brown and white.  Hooray for homemade!

Madeline's class is having a bake sale tomorrow to raise money for the Humane Society & I sent the form back last week saying yes, we'd send some goodies - and hoping I'd have a stove at least by now! We do have the stove, but still not much prep room, so these are a roll of Pillsbury dough - they'll do!

When I wrote last I said all we had left was a coat of color on the walls... Sean did that while I was at the craft sale on Saturday.  He also moved the fridge and stove and table and chairs back into place, so it's looking great!  Yesterday he put up those lights over the table, and right now he's in the kitchen installing the new pot lights in the kitchen.  It's coming!

Now I'm heading back to the studio to make some more cards, or maybe to write in & address some... or maybe I'll just pick up my book and relax...  Thanks for checking in!

If you want a Christmas card, send me an email to followandlead @ gmail . com with your mailing address - even if I don't know you!  Ha - especially if I don't know you! 


Anonymous said...

I want a Christmas card! You know my address.

MOM said...

Got our card today - is is even lovelier than the picture shows. Thanks and see you soon