Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Dear Blog World, I`ve missed you.

I`ve been busy creating... although I can`t point to a pile of stuff and say, `Look!`  I have been making a few more things for my craft sale this Saturday - a few more magic bags, some tie-onesies, and more magnets.  Along with the little snowmen and the ribbon rings, I should have enough for a table, nicely spread out.  Carla and Suzanne are joining me, but we got another table next to me that they`ll share.  I hope there`s no blizzard for this one.

While I was waiting for the Jessica Sprague course Inspiration Everywhere to start, I got out my Holidays in Hand album that I did last year, through another one of her courses.  I haven`t looked at it since January, and had lots of fun taping down a bunch of stuff, and getting ready to add to it this year. I figure that it wasn`t something I didn`t complete; it will be an ongoing album of our Christmas memories until it`s too full for more.

Then on Monday the new class started, so I`ve been playing around with some of that stuff, starting an Art Journal...  Today`s assignment was to make a mix CD of songs to inspire creativity.  I rarely listen to anything, so I`m not sure if I`ll skip that one or not.  Maybe I`ll get a mix CD for Christmas.  I know a couple of people who I would love one from...

Off to bed now - I don`t have to stay up late finishing my book for book club tomorrow, because this month is Animal Farm by George Orwell.  A good short one.  Good for us, Ladies - that was well planned. 

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