Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Gifts

I made the best little gifts yesterday - have a look (except if you're in book club!!!):
Little Book Club Ornaments

With Pictures Of All The Books We Read This Year Inside

And Wrapped So Prettily!

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The first screw just went in attaching cabinets to the wall.  This week they should all go in and the plumbing done.  The counter top won't get here till early next week, so I won't have that or a sink until the week before Christmas - the race is on to see if it will be done by Christmas or not!  As soon as the cabinets are in, though, I can put back all the stuff that is currently in the living room and 'move in'.

Madeline is out volunteering - she goes the second Sunday of the month to help with the service our church puts on at the rehab hospital.  She loves being there, and I'm glad for the couple who takes her along (and usually out for lunch after) each month.  Nice for her to have her own serving thing, and the friendship of this great couple, too.

Tonight is her Christmas concert - she is doing a duet at the beginning (which you can watch online if you can't be here to experience it in person... 6:30,

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