Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blog Launch

Post # 401!

Seems like an appropriate time to make a blog announcement.

Like any parent, I pray for my kid.  I pray for little things, for big things, for the problems I'm having with her (or with myself that's keeping me from dealing properly with her).  For the last number of years, I've been writing down some of those prayers.  Writing prayers, like journaling, helps me slow my thoughts and think about what I'm saying; it helps me pray better.  I've wondered for a while what to do with those prayers, and if they could be used somehow to help other parents pray for their kids by providing some inspiration, some ideas.

This last year or so I've made a habit of sitting on the couch by the front window when M leaves the house for school.  She catches the bus just out of sight down the road, so I sit there and read my Bible and write in my journal and watch for the bus, so I know she's on her way safely.  I've been using that as my trigger to pray, too.  I stop whatever I'm doing and pray for her when I see her bus going by.  It's been a great reminder.

School ended yesterday; today was the first day of summer vacation.  I'm so glad summer is here (especially today's 31 degrees!), but as of today, no school bus as a prayer trigger.  So as of today, I am launching a new blog.  It's been in the works for a week or so now, and I'd like to offer it to you!  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I'll be posting a prayer for our children - I'd love it if you prayed along with me for the kids in your life.  The address is: or you can get there with the link below.

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MOM (aka Granny) said...

My prayer trigger is my morning porridge. When I sit down with that bowl, I pray for my 6 kids and 6 grandkids, as well as the people on my Deacon's list.

I prayed today for M's last day of school - I hope it was a good one even though I was a day off!