Thursday, June 16, 2011

Garden Tour

I would like to have a beautiful yard, but I do not have a green thumb.  It usually falls somewhere in the realm that there are things growing & I'm satisfied, but with ugly spots.  This year we made a change or two because the front should be getting leveled at some point this spring.  These bricks came from the work we did in the front two summers ago, and replaced the rotten wood ties that were there.  Some fresh dirt, and new plants at the edges & it's a nice refresh.  The ones growing in the middle are some perennials that I tried to replant.  They are up but not flowered yet.

Some of the new plants we bought.  I want to put in more perennials; if anyone lives close and has some to share, I'd be a very happy recipient!

The planters on the front deck.

Probably the most fun flower of the bunch.

This is the front of the house that we have done nothing with; it's full of purple jump ups!  I'm thrilled - there's nothing quite like color where you didn't expect it.  I'll try to move them to the back before we dig this all up.

And a close up.

May your day have bits of unexpected color in it!

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