Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rainbows, Blog Changes and Camera Classes

I wanted to do something together tonight so I was running through a list... we could play a game, have a tickle fight, go for a walk in the rain... the last one got a nod, and I figured why not.  Sean wanted to join us, so the three of us put on our rain jackets & I grabbed the camera (because you just never know!) and we hit the street.  As soon as we got to the end of the walk, I saw why Someone had planted the idea in my head - a double rainbow & the bottom one was super bright.  Awesome.

I love those curls that pop out when the humidity gets up there.

Foiled!  Our intent was to walk down to the mailbox and mail M's camp registration form.  Because of the strike, it was locked up with a 'temporarily out of service' notice.  It was well worth it to get out of the house, though.  The rain was beautiful, not too hard and it wasn't windy at all.

You might notice some changes around here - not so many that you can't tell you're at the right blog, but I've had some fun playing around with my look this week.  One new thing that they've added since I last messed around is the email option - right at the top you can add your email and get my posts emailed to you as soon as I publish one.  I haven't tried it out yet myself, but I know there are a few blogs that I get emailed to me, and I quite like it.

I've signed up for a camera class at Big Picture Classes, called Mastering Manual Mode.  It's an 8 week course that runs from the end of July to the end of September.  Part of that is a busy time, but lots of photo opportunities in that time frame, too!  I've been wanting to take a class for a while, and this one looks like it is going to be exactly what I've been looking for.  I dug out my camera manual and got a recommended book out of the library and am all gung-ho to do some pre-work to make the most of it.

What are you planning to learn over the summer?

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MOM (aka Granny) said...

I like the new background and font. And I love the pictures of M!.