Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Friday night M and I went out to the camp along with the board and core staff to meet our potential new director.  We stayed overnight and helped with the work day on the Saturday - this shot was after breakfast and before the work started.  I'm pleased that she jumped in with the staff girls and did some good work.  She was happy to get in a little zipline action; she wanted to go up the climbing wall, too, but some things will have to wait for summer. 

Sean came out for the afternoon, too, and reinforced all the picnic tables, and prepped a few new ones to be built this summer.  My big job was to roam the property with Holly and find good spots for their geocaching skill.

This was our view out the back door this morning.  That one tree has beautiful what blossoms for one or two weeks each spring, and the rain brought down a petal carpet for the deck.

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