Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Camp Blanket

When M was four, we happened to be flying standby and ended up in first class.  "Mom, this is WAY better than the last plane we were on!"  she said, in our row right in front of coach.  She milked it, too; whenever a flight attendant walked by, she asked for more snacks or a drink - and as the grand finale, on our way out, she asked if she could keep the blanket.  She got a yes, and we now have an Air Canada blanket in our linen closet.  When she started getting badges in Sparks (the youngest Girl Guides) and for swimming lessons, I thought I would sew them on her blanket and it could be a camp blanket for her.

Eight years later, it has six Sparks badges (on the pink strip), a sash full of Brownie badges (lower right), a sash full of Girl Guides badges (on the left, added just before camp yesterday), and a whole assortment of badges and iron-ons from different Guiding activities..  The patch in the middle is off a pair of jeans she wore long ago, and the upper right holds her swimming badges.

It's been fun to see this develop over the last eight years; I wonder what will come in the next years to fill in the gaps?

Do you have any special way that you've kept your kid's special mementos?


MOM said...

Dad & I both kept our guiding/scouting badges in little square boxes - I remember showing them to Madeline a few years ago. At one time I had sewn badges for you kids onto a blanket, too. When the blanket fell apart I put the badges into a box which is downstairs someplace. I also have a cigar box full of badges and pins from my dad's war days - a really neat thing to have. It's a good thing to keep memories in a tangible way like that.

Carolyn Ward said...

I remember looking through all those. I'd love to see Grandpa's again.

And I'm hoping she doesn't get smores all over the blanket.