Friday, July 08, 2011

Holiday-ing: Less Tech, More Book

As my friend Cara Luft just tweeted about taking time off and heading west for a break: "Closing up the laptop and reading books."

We are taking our holidays from Wednesday to Wednesday this year, which makes for two lovely two day work weeks. Add that to a short week for Canada Day, and July is a beautiful month.

You haven't heard from me in the last few days partly because we were on the road, and partly because I ended up with 3 massive books from the library - love road trips. I began World Without End by Ken Follet last Saturday heading out to Airdrie, and finally finished it today in Jasper. 1025 pages. Small writing. If you want my opinion of it, just click on the What I'm Reading link above. I started keeping track for you a month ago, so all of my June reads are there, and this will be #1 for July. One down, two to go.

Take a break and enjoy a good book. And a holiday, for that matter!

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MOM said...

I read those two historical novels by Ken Follet a while ago and really enjoyed them - was just telling someone about them a couple of days ago. I especially enjoyed all the building stuff after having seen a lot of the old churches and a lot of the ruins over in England. Nice to tie things together like that.