Monday, July 04, 2011

I Promised Pictures

Madeline had asked her Uncle Larry if he could take her up for a plane ride for her birthday. I got a message earlier last week from him saying he had a plane booked for Friday and Saturday mornings & would she like to go? Well, Happy Canada Day to M!

Mathew went along for his 2nd time up with Dad.
The Intrepid Three!
Flygirl. She loved it.
So that was Friday morning - Friday afternoon and evening were Jenn's wedding, and Saturday was Katie's.  I didn't take any photos at Jenn's - too many people and too far away.  At Katie's though, I pulled out the camera and played around with my manual settings, getting ready for the photography class I'm taking.  I have a lot to learn!  I got a few good ones, though.

Katie & Nick - and Nick's Grandfather officiated.
Blues & Greens - the decorating was fabulous.
Holly & David, our traveling buddies!
Dancing with Dad.
The girls we went to see!

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MOM said...

Remember when you and Clayton went up for a ride like that when you were young?