Friday, June 22, 2012

Crafty McCrafterpants

I got an email a couple of weeks ago from a lady living in a smallish town not too far from here.  She had seen my ad for magic bags on Kijiji and wanted to know if I'd be interested in having a table at their trade show / craft sale.  It was to be this Saturday, we had nothing going on, and Madeline was interested in coming to help, so I said sure.

I sewed up a big stash of magic bags, I made a bunch of sets of magnets, I was planning on making bags of poppycock to sell, and I was experimenting with some necklaces... then they cancelled.  Too many people backed out.  It's no big deal, because I sure don't mind staying home, and I can always use the magic bags.  I wanted to have my picnic blanket quilt done for next weekend, and this took time away from sewing that, but I still might get it together.  The ironic part is that since we were going to be gone all day, Sean agreed to be in a golf tournament.  So now he's going to be gone all day and we're not.

So - I have a bunch of magnet sets that I've added to my shop.  Check them out - your fridge will thank you.

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