Monday, June 04, 2012

A Wonderful Weekend in the Back Yard

It has been so nice to enjoy great weather this past week. The rain that cancelled Monday's soccer game was no big deal since she was away at camp with her class and missed it anyway, and everything is so green and lush now.

This was at our soccer game on Wednesday - Nolan had fun letting the grass tickle his hands.

This was Friday night while M was at youth group - we took a walk around a neighborhood lake and stopped to watch the ducks (and change a diaper...)

These were from Saturday, when we spent lots of our time out in the back yard.  Sean set up his golf net and did some practicing, and I pulled out some juggling clubs...

Sunday, after a church picnic and a trip for Slush Shakes, was more of the same.  Playing outdoors, loving the weather and time spent with family.

Wishing the same for you all!

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MOM said...

So did Nolan crawl off his blanket and take that last picture? He's the only one I can't see.