Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father's Day & Football

Happy Father's Day!
You'll notice M sporting a Portugal football (soccer) jersey in that photo - it was a gift to me years ago from our Portuguese relatives but I finally passed it on to her since while I still like it and wear it some, I thought she'd get way more use out of it.  Rued that decision a little as the next day we watched Portugal in the UEFA Euro2012, and she got to wear it to cheer...  :) We've been watching as many games as we can - nice family bonding time around the big screen.

Shoot, I just realized that Portugal plays the Czech Republic today, but I'm out at book club tonight... I guess I'll see if I can catch it earlier in real time.  Sean is golfing tonight, so M may have to cheer solo.

A favorite spot before and after school when it's warm.

You can see the love...

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