Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Family Camp

This past weekend Sean headed north with a few good friends to golf.  It's a trip he booked long ago and has been very much looking forward to.  They did 56 holes at Elk Ridge and Waskesiu, and had great weather too.  While they were gone, I took the kids (I like saying that - the kids) to family camp.  It didn't take me long to decide to take them when we found out that the dates were the same as Sean's trip... and I decided that of course we'd stay in the tent!

It was the first family camp Katepwa Lake Camp has held in a few years for a number of reasons, but this summer, with a new director, it had a re-birth.  And suitably, there were a good number of young families with lots of kids and babies.  Not too many families with older kids, but there were still a good handful around Madeline's age.  It was a hot, relaxed, fun weekend, and we'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Here is our home for the weekend, and here is the 'long time in the making' quilt!  I finished the top the day before camp, and took it for it's first picnic with some friends to the park at the end of the street Friday morning.  We used it all weekend, and again last night took it for a picnic supper.  So it's good and broken in already, and I still haven't decided if I am going to back it with a light waterproof layer or just leave it rough.  The edges are unfinished and fraying... it's charming.  I'm glad it's finally usable, and that I'm happy with it!

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MOM (aka Granny) said...

Lucky you - sounds like a great weekend for everyone. And the quilt is great, too. The one I made when Clayton was a baby is falling to pieces but I hate to throw it out. It lives in the van trunk. And your kids are beautiful - can hardly wait for the next long weekend.