Saturday, July 21, 2012

Six Months of Awesome

On Thursday - the 19th - we reached the 6 month milestone.  Nolan is a moving, learning, noisy wonder and we are amazed by him over and over.  His latest skills are new noises (raspberries, growling...) and pulling himself up to standing on all kinds of things.  He's 19 lbs, still just has the two bottom teeth, and is going to be crawling soon, but for now just flops down on his belly when he's up on all fours.

We have nothing scheduled this weekend, so we had Nolan in the kiddie pool a couple of times today and went for a long walk all together in the neighborhood.  We worked in the yard a bit and made supper together (mmm - burgers).  He's down for his evening nap, so I grabbed the time to post an update.  I know I'm not on here as often as before; it is important to me and I will keep posting as I get a chance, but I very rarely look at Nolan as we're playing or as he's eating and wish I was on the computer instead.

Madeline's birthday is coming up this week - she turns 13 on Tuesday.  Monday we take her out to camp for the week, so she'll get to celebrate out there this year.

Here are a couple shots from last Saturday when we were together with the Ward side of the family.  Eight of the ten cousins - the 'good' one, then the silly one!  (We just found out this week that the cousin on the way is another girl, for a total of nine girls and two boys!)

I'll get some good Nolan shots from this week up as soon as I get them on the computer.  May you have a great weekend relaxing with the ones you love!

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