Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Silver Lining

In the spring, I was approached by someone who had seen my magic bags on Used Regina or Kijiji, asking if I would like to come and have a table at their vendor's market.  I planned to do that, but it ended up being cancelled.  So when she let me know it would be on again in September, in conjunction with the town fall festival, I started sewing again...

It was the worst sale I've ever been in.  Nobody came!  My guess is too many events scheduled for the day, and all the other stuff was more fun.  I sold a grand total of one item: a set of magnets for $2.  (I took magnets and poppycock to sell along with the bags.)

When I went to our credit union before hand to get a float for the sale, the friendly teller asked about it, and wanted me to bring a bag by for her; when I went to return the unused rolls of coin yesterday, I took her a few samples.  Later that afternoon, she called, asking me to bring more samples, because lots of the staff were interested and wanted to see some of the other fabrics...  So the ladies at the bank are going to make it worth my while to have gone to that sale.  Nice!

In the last two weeks, I have had three other orders for bags.  Word of mouth is a wonderful thing!  I've got the shop updated with all my current fabrics (and you'll notice that I've upped the price to $15.  Don't worry, I've still got my friends and family rate!) I'll post them here for you, too:

The Dad Collection (Dark, Argyle)

The Colors Collection (top: Yellow, Sky, Green bottom: Indigo, Purple, Teal)

The Fun Collection (Blue or Green Chevron, Frogs, Chickies)

The Red Collection (Strips, Dots, Flowers, Strips & Dots)

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