Thursday, September 13, 2012

An Open Letter to God...

Dear Jesus,

I thank you for the people who provide opportunities that bridge the gap between people who have needs and people who have resources.  Thank you that because of them, I have the opportunity to make a difference.  Thank you that there are so many little ones around the world who are being fed, clothed, educated and kept healthy - in your name -  and being introduced to you, the one who makes all the difference.

I thank you for Salomey and Damian.  Even though I was not the one getting up nights with them when they were little, and I'm not the one making their meals or tucking them in, it does feel like we are family.  Just as M's teachers, coaches, camp cabin leaders, and church youth leaders play an important role in her life, it is very cool to know that we do provide supports that shapes our sponsored children.  My deepest prayer for them, Lord, is that they'd know you truly and love you deeply.  May their faith influence their families and their communities.

Bless those who work in the Compassion projects.  Give them wisdom and patience and the ability to spread your love to each child and their families.


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