Monday, September 17, 2012

Meatloaf & Liver

A few months ago we were sitting around the dinner table, talking about food and why we never eat certain things, and we decided that we would find some well-ranked recipes and try out a couple of things that we never make.  How adventurous of us, hey?

I made a meatloaf last month, and for a funny twist, we just happened to have company over.  The supper was already in the works, and since Holly was dropping off M around 5, I invited her and David to join us - giving them fair warning of what I was making, of course!  They were happy to be guinea pigs with us, and we all decided that it wasn't too bad.  It wasn't going to make it onto our monthly menu, but it could be an every-six-months kind of a meal.

Tonight was our liver night.  We put it on the menu and knew it was coming; the onions were sauteed and smothering the lightly breaded meat, and we all took the first bite together... and for both M and Sean, the first bite was also the last.  I ate my whole piece, but it may be my last for a very long time, since it won't be made in this house for another, oh, say, decade or so...

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MOM said...

Wow - meatloaf is one of our favourites! And leftovers make delicious sandwiches, but of course we never have any leftover. And I can't believe none of my kids like liver after me making you eat it as a kid. Also one of my favourites, as long as it is not over-cooked - then forget trying to eat it - use it as shoe leather instead.