Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas!

A quick catch up before I snag a nap - little man was up OFTEN last night.  Forgot that he doesn't need mom to get to sleep after days of holidaying and lots of mom putting him to sleep.  We'll get back on track... This too shall pass.  :)  (It just means that I need to nap so I don't lose it on either child!)

A few highlights:

Doing dishes with a new dishcloth from my sister and having the water turn blue.  Getting new kitchen stuff from two sisters and having them match.  That and new dishes from IKEA = mini kitchen reno!

Calling Nolan to open his gift from Auntie Carla and having him run over and use it as a stool to climb on the couch.

Nephew Zach smitten with Mad-a-den...

Silas and the ugly Christmas sweater.  You wore it so well.

Dave telling the (toy) story of Woody's missing hat on repeat.

A visit to Winnipeg's new IKEA.  (Not so great - wanting to nurse Nolan part way through and finding the awesome family care room at the end of the visit.)

Nolan wearing red & white striped jammies Christmas morning that Zach wore his first Christmas.

Madeline getting to visit with her friends at church as well as a whole day at the cousin's house.

Sean and I getting each other 'just right' tops.

A super pro reflector shield for my camera from Sean.

Madeline's reactions when she opened her footed 'onesie', her bright yellow Aero sweatshirt, and her Beauty & the Beast tickets.  Thanks, family!

Just hanging out with family made the trip to Winnipeg with an 11 month old worth it.  So glad the celebration of our Savior's birth has turned into a tradition where we spend time with those we love, enjoying and gifting each other.

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