Monday, December 17, 2012

The Social Media Roundup

I've noticed myself making decisions lately where to share what...  I'm not on the computer much, and rarely go on Facebook on my phone (I can't turn off all the silly game notifications and it's a pain to scroll through the junk to find stuff I actually want to see), but I know that's where the most people see stuff, so when I took this photo, that's where I shared it.  It got 46 'likes' - that's maybe the most attention anything I've posted has got other than Nolan's introduction!

Twitter is fun and actually the source of most of my news.  Yesterday Sean and I were mentioned in a tweet by my friend Lori (the one with the orange star, because I 'favorited' it):

We then tried to get Nolan to say Anna, but he's not there yet.  She is 4 1/2 months older, after all.  I showed him the picture I took in the nursery that morning to help him, but he just kissed my phone instead!  They are pretty cute together.  #littlefriends

Twitter also played a role in getting our streetlight fixed...

SaskPower tweeted a link to their site where you can report a burnt out streetlight - I retweeted it to Sean, who replied that he already had reported it... twice.  So SaskPower, seeing this negative publicity, got right on it, replying and promising results, and it did happen - about two weeks later.  I took this from the front window and tweeted that, too.

I shared this photo on facebook on Saturday and got myself a job! 

The longer story: We are often at the soccer facility to watch Madeline play, and there's a Tim Horton's there, which we sometimes make use of.  Tim's doesn't have coffee sleeves, though, and I thought I would make myself one to keep in the diaper bag so we didn't have to get a double cup each time.  I ended up using it for the first time the other day, and posted a pic on Facebook, with the caption "First time using the rad little coffee sleeve I made. It's making me happy." and a friend asked if I could make her some to give as Christmas gifts.  I had been thinking of sewing more of them, but hadn't found time yet... I will post pictures here when they are done, and add them to the shop, too.  Here's a shot from the original photoshoot:

While Facebook and Twitter get their share of attention, my favorite place to share stuff is right here... and as soon as I am done wrapping gifts and baking, I will be back, showing and telling.  I do appreciate you being interested in our lives and in the stuff I post; thanks for coming along for the ride!

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