Saturday, December 01, 2012


Madeline - Soccer is keeping us going 3 times a week or more; good exercise for her and she's really enjoying being on this team.  This weekend there is a tournament - she had a game at 6 last night (a blowout loss of 8-0!) then went off to youth at the church where they decorated for Christmas.  Today's first game was at 7 am (I'm still not fully awake) and they won 3-1.

Nolan - Clapping, waving, whistling, temper showing, 10 months old.  Loves to knock down towers, carry around Dad's lunch bucket, and play with water in the sink.  Eats his veggies well and loves meat; still eats pureed stuff / applesauce / yogurt, but loves finger food he can manipulate himself.

Scrapbook - I'm keeping Nolan's album up to date & am really loving the way it's turned out.  I have to decide if I want to keep going this way (Project Life style) since my original plan was to do this for his first year.  I may scale it back and do highlights of each month rather than each week - that would still be a treasure, and not ending up needing a whole new bookshelf.

Crafty McCrafterpants - I've had the sewing machine out and have 4 different projects on the go... the back to my big denim quilt, a new I spy quilt (found the free pattern here), bean bags (to use up beans from last year's thanksgiving decorating), and tag blankies (because I saw a great deal on ribbon on this site and thought I'd pick it up for my stash...).  Then there are always more magic bags to sew.  I'm thankful for that little sideline business!

Online Shopping! - I've ordered more stuff from online lately than I ever have before.  Scrapbook paper and ribbon and Christmas presents from Steal Network, fabric and Christmas presents from Etsy, and more Christmas presents from  So good to have a few things checked off already, and without having to do any car seat wrestling!

Weather - It's a winter wonderland here.  I heard the other day that we already have more snow here than we did all of last year. 


MOM / GRANNY said...

Do you use a backpack instead of a stroller for the kid these days?

Maddy said...

yes, yes we do:)