Thursday, February 12, 2009

I should be packing...

but I'm posting layouts instead.

You'll notice by the counter over there ----> that we go to Fernie in one day! The trip is on, although with the midnight ear infection and puking of the girl, it was iffy for a while. Not really - we got antibiotics at the clinic first thing this morning, kept her home from school all day, and she's good to go. Very happily for her as well as us, since she's going to winter camp this weekend while we're gone. Last year was the first year she did winter camp, and got an ear infection while she was there and had a miserable time, missing all the fun. We've got that beat this year, sending her pre-drugged... :) She loves camp and is counting down to summer camp already.

So here's some layouts I finished this week:

This is just a silly 8x8 for her little book - these are funny old photos from years ago.

This one needs something... it's my first 12x12 two page spread. Fun papers from that colorbok kit.

Mmmm - LOVE this picture. LOVE this guy. LOVE that I can look at that and have good memories and not remember how miserably out of shape I was. Although I honestly think it was the asthma, not my muscles.

December 2003. A long time ago. A lifetime ago? I remember that this was a nice break from crying... but that's another story, and I chose not to write about it on the layout. It was more important for me to make a fun page with this shot.

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