Saturday, February 07, 2009

Tag... I'm it.

I got tagged by the Kenny's a while ago to write 7 things about myself on my blog. And then I got tagged by two people, Alexis and Kim, within the last week on facebook to write 25 things about myself.

Sh here are 25 things about myself that you may not know. This should be easy since I'll assume you know nothing about me. (Except you, Jess.) I'm doing this here instead of on fb because it's a little less public. Maybe I'll do a really random one there, instead.

1. I am a believer in Jesus. Wholly and completely, and that influences every other thing on this list.

2. I have a big brother and a little sister. They are both married and have wonderful families.

3. I have 12 nieces and nephews and 2 on the way. (Not all from that brother and sister!)

4. I have been to 13 countries on 4 continents. Canada, USA, Mexico, Barbados, Venezuela, England, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Portugal, and Kenya.

5. I have been to Mexico 5 times, but never overnight.

6. My new summer hobby is being pit crew at the drag races.

7. My husband is playing poker online right now. With play money.

8. I am halfway through my masters degree.

9. My personality type is INFJ, which is the most rare type.

10. I played soccer for 10 years, basketball for ever, and rugby for 2.

11. I coached M's soccer team when she was 5, and co-coached basketball for 2 years. I'm not a very good coach.

12. I have one daughter who is going to be 10 this summer. She gets all her bad traits from me. That's so annoying.

13. I have a second daughter, Lucy, who was stillborn at 5 months.

14. I have been married twice.

15. My first husband died of cancer when we were 30.

16. Lucy and her dad share a plot in the cemetery. I find comfort in this.

17. I am almost 36, but as S (and Bon Jovi) say, it's not old, it's just older.

18. I have been on two missions trips.

19. My trip to Kenya was a scholarship, because God loves giving me good gifts.

20. My sister and her husband watched my girl for the month I was in Kenya, partly because I watched their 3 boys for the month they went to Kenya a couple of years back.

21. I love reading. There's nothing better than getting lost in a good fiction read.

22. I work part time at a church as a pastor to young adults.

23. I scrapbook, and have had 2 layouts published.

24. I quilt once in a while.

25. I have my own 'studio' in the basement for my hobbies.

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