Wednesday, February 04, 2009


is a great weekend of learning and spiritual renewal. I think you should go. Seriously. It's always the last weekend of January in Edmonton.

The driving was great for a change, and we had a really good weekend. There were 13 of us in a van, plus some friends from another church who caravaned with us.

The weekend has 4 main sessions and 5 options sessions, which you pick out of a couple of hundred options. (There are 7000 people at this event!) I had 3 sessions with Tim Kimmel about family stuff (Grace Based Parenting, Why Christian Kids Rebel, and the Strong Willed Child), one session with Shane Claiborne (have you read his Irresistible Revolution yet? If not, do.), and one with Brett Ullman, on culture, which was really good. Sean had the same 3 parenting ones (and our requests were really different - you have to pick your top 3 options for each spot) and then had 2 drumming ones.

Here are the main points from the main sessions, just in case you want a little peek at what we heard / learned:

Erwin McManus

If your greatest dream became your life, would it make the world a better place?

“You were a dream in the mind of God before you took your first breath.” Doesn’t it make sense that your life live out the dream God had of you?

Is there a dream that you’re supposed to be living that is trapped under the rubble of your past?

Are you willing to take the risk from the life you have today to the life entrusted to and controlled by God?

John Eldredge

God SPEAKS to us. And not just through the Bible.

Do you recognize his voice? Do you ask him what he is speaking to you?

Quiet down. Ask simple questions. Surrender.

Wayne Coderio

One common denominator in all successful Christian leaders: RESILIANCE.

Learn quickly. Train your eyes to see things Godly. Never forget who you are.

People are waiting for Jesus. They need hope. We are to bring hope to the world.

Phil Calloway

Keys for effective ministry in a fast paced world:

Laugh. Slow down. Where is your treasure?

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