Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Store!!!

I had a great morning today! First I had a dentist appointment and was told I have great teeth - I knew they weren't terrible, but didn't know they were so above average. Got a kick out of that. Then I had a great visit with the owner of a little paper shop where I went to get a new journal. Nice meeting super friendly people like that, especially ones who have a passion for paper...

And between those, I met Carla at the new scrapbooking shop that opened today. We were among the first 10 customers and got free memberships! Yay! It's called Scrappin' Your Way, and was full of fun stuff. I spent a little today, but have my eye on some things for later, too.

Here's what I picked up:

And what I made with it tonight:


Amanda said...

I am excited about the new store too. I like your page btw. I was wondering how you make your pictures that small though? Do you print them yourself or get them printed professionally at that size? Love the red dots and the color of your title stickers!

Carolyn said...

In photoshop, I open a 4x6 canvas and fit 4 pictures on it, save it as a jpeg, and order it online from Superstore along with the rest of the photos. It's the same as ordering wallets, but then you get 4 of the same shot for 3 times as much money.
Thanks for looking!