Monday, January 12, 2009


Saturday I picked up a fun new kit at Michaels with my Christmas gift cards (Thank you, Carla and Madeline!) I played a bit yesterday and today and have one ready for the journaling (which will be slightly introspective and therefore needs the right mood to write) and then this one. It feels like so long since I've taken the time to have fun scrapbooking! I like working with the girls each week because of the social aspect of it (and I'm hoping there will be a lot of bodies there tomorrow since we're going to talk about doing a retreat!) but I like working at home alone better for the creativity side of things.

You might notice something different about this layout, if you are familiar with my usual style... It's 12x12. Yeah. My binder is full, so I need to pick up a new album, and on a whim, I decided that this year, 2009, I will scrapbook 12x12 instead of 8 1/2 x 11. The albums are prettier. I have downloaded cool templates. In 12x12. So yeah. A big trend I see is to take a photo a day, and scrapbook that way. I just got a new camera, so I'll be taking lots of pictures, but honestly, it's too big to lug around with me for every day shots, and while the little point and shoot will still come along lots of places, I'm just not as excited about pulling it out all the time. It needs a break, and I need to do what motivates me and inspires my creativity. So 12x12, here we go! And this awesome little kit has cool 12x12 pages that you just can't cut up.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, that page just about made me cry. I think you took the words out of my head. We have the best Mom ever.