Monday, January 05, 2009

the word, and salsa fish

It's Monday night, and my assignment did get in on time, although it was short. I'm afraid I did not do my best in this whole class. Shame on me. But it's done and now forgotten. (All except what I learned, of course.)

I'm sad that I didn't get around to printing off pictures - we're back at it with the scrapbooking girls tomorrow. I do have some stuff I'm working on to finish up, and I have a bunch of pictures that I printed off for the game that I want to use...

The Game. The amazing Christmas gift I was telling you about? I think it went over ok - we played it a few times and had some good laughs. I picked up a Trivial Pursuit game at Value Village for $2 and altered the board, painted the box, made 126 of my own trivia cards and (my favorite part) made game pieces for everyone. I had a great time making it... The first time we played, I just asked the questions since I knew all the answers. We were all amazed at all the stuff Jen knew. The second time, they made up questions for me when it was my turn. Mom wrote them all down, so we've got a bunch more to add to the stash. Dave was awesome at coming up with questions. (For those not in the fam, Jen is married to my brother and Dave is married to my sister. They did not grow up with this insider knowledge, but proved they are true Schneiders!!) The third time the 4 older cousins played and I (selectively) asked them questions.

The Word. I've been reading Ali Edwards' blog - check out the list she's compiled of what a lot of people have picked as their words for this year. I've just started reading Jessica Sprague's blog, too (she's got Photoshop tutorials, and I need them!) and she was talking about her word of the month. I'm not one for jumping on a bandwagon usually, but I like the idea of having one word to keep reminding yourself of. If a lot of thought has gone into it, and it means something, it can be very powerful.

So the word I decided on is LIGHT. There are so many verses about light... if it weren't almost midnight I'd go into this a little more, but I think I'll save it for another day. I thought for January at least, I'd add a word for the month, too. I picked SUNNY. Because I wish it always were. And because it can be a choice.

One last thing - I want to share the recipe I made for supper tonight. We're trying to eat healthier for the next little while (getting over the holiday glut of goodies and get ready for the mountains) and thought we'd go with more fish and chicken. So I went to and did a search for "fish." What would we do without computers... maybe open the fish cookbook I have in my cupboard?? Anyway, I found this Mexican Baked Fish about half a dozen down, and was it ever good. I used Sole instead of the cod it called for, then homemade salsa we got for Christmas from Jess and Dave (thanks, guys!), cheddar cheese and corn chips and baked it for 20 minutes. Topped with sour cream and avacado, it was so good. Pretty quick and easy, too, which is good in my books.

Have a good night!

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