Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Three things to notice in this photo:

1 - The Java House coffee beans. From my trip to Kenya last spring. Good memories.

2 - The granola bars. I MADE THESE. THEY ROCK! I finally got around to looking for a granola bar recipe online and found this one at It calls for 2 cups of mini chocolate chips or assorted stuff, like nuts, raisins or cranberries. The first batch I made had 1 cup mini chocolate chips, half a cup sunflower seeds, and half a cup of walnut pieces. They are SO good, but I remembered AFTER that M can't take nuts to school, found out Sean's boss is allergic to nuts, and remembered that my workplace is an "allergy aware" place - no nuts. They are still half gone in spite of that, and I only made them 3 days ago. I made a second batch today with the rest of the sunflower seeds, the rest of the mini chocolate chips and the rest regular chocolate chips. They're good too. Hearty and healthy!

3 - The new coffee maker! Go here to read what happened to the old one... Two weeks ago we spent all our airmiles and got this Cuisinart, a docking station for our ipod, and lift tickets for our trip to Fernie. Right now the beans are loaded in the top ready to be ground by the built in grinder and the timer is set for 7 AM. Nice.

I took this a couple of days ago of M sitting at her spot at the table doing homework; reading a book for a book report. She decides she HAS to go upstairs and get something, please??? It's to help me with my homework!! With reading your book? (What does she need for that? And she won't tell me what it is.) Ok, fine. And this is what she comes down with. "It's a mystery book, Mom!" And she's Roxy Holmes. Related to Sherlock somehow. The hat is authentic from one of Uncle Warren's trips to Baker Street, and the blazer is vintage, from Great Grandma Olive's closet.

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