Sunday, December 20, 2009


Just after I wrote on Friday, I figured I would upload my pictures from the camera.  I had been doing that on the laptop all year, but with that gone and a new external hard drive in place, I thought I would start putting them on the desktop again, since that's the one I use mostly.  So I got the camera, plugged in the cord, and shocked the computer to death.  Unreal.  And the new external hard drive that had everything backed up?  Nothing on it.  Sean went to our friendly neighborhood Saturday morning and ordered a new computer, and came home with a casing for the hard drive - you pop your hard drive into it, plug it in to another computer by usb, and presto, there was all our desktop info, safe and sound.  Nice.  So, a few hundred dollars later (and we just got the laptop back this week remember) we'll have a nice shiny new desktop, too.

And I thought, hmmm... maybe I should bring up that humidifier and get rid of some of this static.  Little late, don't you think?

And the pictures are still on the camera.  Some day I'll have some to show you.

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Karen said...

Glad you didn't lose the pics!!!