Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Madeline has wanted her ears pierced for a long time now, and I've told her she could get it done when she's 12, because that's what my Mom told me.  It's a good put-it-off tactic.  It also makes it a good surprise when you let her get it done early!  I wrapped a pair of earrings for Christmas, and when she opened them, her eyes got really big and she asked, "I'm getting my ears pierced?"  Such a great reaction and expression!

So yesterday Manon and Michelle came over (Manon has been one of M's closest friends since kindergarten, and Michelle's her mom), and Michelle brought her supplies.  She used to have a salon, so has been the one to pierce the ears of all their friends when they get it done.  M was excited, but nervous.  She brought Pooh bear with her to squeeze, and Michelle let her pierce the bear's ears to see what it was like.  So Pooh has little gold heart studs in his ears...

Here are a few pics from the adventure:

The Nerves

Look at her expression as she pulls the trigger!

A few tears... I like the one dripping off her nose.

We did it!

Manon, Michelle and Madeline


Denise said...

Oh, that scrunchy-face photo is awesome! What a brave girl :) I remember getting my ears pierced. It's a big moment. Great job with the photos!

Karen said...

Congrats Madeline! You were very brave... its so cool that you also got to pierce your bears ears!!!