Friday, December 18, 2009

sick kid, cancelled parties, and takeout

We went to bed last night and had just gotten settled and warm when we heard Madeline get up - and throw up. Glad her floor was nice and tidy! She slept the rest of the night, half in her bed, then half on the couch in the living room, which I found out when I went to wake her up this morning and she wasn't there. She was not 100%, and she was running a bit of a fever - 99.7, so I sent her back to bed, where she slept for another couple of hours. No cough or pains, just fever and not feeling great. I took her into work for an hour so I could do a couple of things that needed doing today, then brought the rest home. She laid in front of the TV this afternoon while I did work and home work, and didn't prepare supper.

Tonight we were supposed to go to the Andres place for a moving party, but with M sick, Sean was going to go solo. I called over when he got home, and they must have had a bunch of keeners on the job since the unpacking of the moving truck was all done. Sean didn't want to go solo just to eat and visit, so we ordered 2 pizzas and bread sticks and cinnasticks and coke... what a feast. So good. Both the food and the not having to cook!

So that party wasn't cancelled, but having M sick threw a wrinkle in the plans. The other party that was cancelled was tomorrow night's get together at a friend's place... we had a sitter booked and everything. Oh, well. I'm happy to stay home, too.

Have a nice low key weekend - may you find a quiet moment in the dark to sit and watch the lights on your tree.

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