Monday, December 07, 2009

Monday Morning

I just sent in a paper - feels like a productive morning, and a weight off my shoulders. I did enjoy reading the primary source material by Augustine and Bohnoeffer, though. For me the reading isn't the hardship, it's the translating my thoughts into words that make sense and look good on paper, and finding alert brain time to do that!

We had our hard drive in our laptop crash last week. Days after we bought an external hard drive that didn't work and got taken back, and two weeks after the warranty ran out. Can you say OUCH?? After a year of having two computers, going back to one was a little painful. We'll see when the laptop gets back into play. With this paper done, it's not as big of a deal for me. Just for Sean who likes to watch TV while he's on the computer...

M tried out for a special dance group at school and made it - they will be performing a couple of times at the Fire and Ice Carnival here in January, and also are going to be involved in the processional when the Olympic Torch comes through town. She wanted to be involved so badly, but there were important practices over the holidays when we're away, and it was iffy for a while there. The teacher in charge called and said it was ok for M to miss those; she was confident in M's ability to pick it up quickly. Nice for her to make that work out for the kid! Holidays with family comes before extra stuff like that, no matter how cool it is.

We set up the tree Friday night and decorated it Saturday - it's too big of a job to do all at once, and it stretches the fun to two days. We have 5 nativity sets, and 4 of them are in the living room right now. It's sort of a joke on Sean - he only likes one set up, not have them all over the place! I'll take a couple to work today and put them in my office, and one will go up to M's room. I've been taking lots of pictures to make a December album with, so if I get time later, I'll post the nativity sets for your perusal. Not now, though, because I have to go get groceries. It's -20 or so out there. I'm wearing long johns and big woolly socks. The long johns will stay, but these socks only fit in my Sorels, and I'm not wearing those to the store and work!

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