Sunday, November 29, 2009

True Blue Fan in Green

Today is my brother's birthday - Happy Birthday, Clayton!

It's also Grey Cup Sunday, and I have a photo for you:

Madeline is a Winnipeg born, Regina raised girl. It's a mixed marriage, where Manitoba blue and Saskatchewan green would be more hotly debated if we actually cared any about football. I don't. Sorry. Sean watches the last few games of the season (but he's doing it with the laptop on his lap, on the motorsports forums or playing poker.) Madeline is pretty into it today, though. Her favorite team is the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, and I think that's partly because she watches a lot of sports with Grandpa, and she cheers for whoever is playing against the team he's cheering for. It's developed a competitiveness and Bomber loyalty in her. She does say, though, that the Saskatchewan Roughriders are her second favorite team. And while this is only the first or second time she's worn that shirt she got for Christmas last year, she's cheering hardcore for the Riders today.

(That's her new Winnie the Pooh bear she's been saving up for and bought just today.)


Sean cooked supper tonight. I started getting it out and he came in and took over, saying, "I haven't cooked for you yet this weekend."
"Do you cook for me every weekend?" I asked.
"I try to. I know you appreciate it when I do." What a sweetheart, hey? He's never said it's something he's wanting to do for me - he just does it. One more reason I love him.


It's been a creative and productive day today.  I did a bunch of work on my paper - I still have a ways to go tonight on that, but I've made a big dent.  I also sewed some magic bag insides and finished a little book I was making.  Madeline had her cousin Mataya over this afternoon for a few hours - Mataya brought her scrapbooking stuff along and they disappeared into my 'studio' and each made a page.  With their own stuff.  And no parental supervision.  That's crazy.  And pretty cool.

Here are some shots of that little book.  I found the idea and tutorial at this site, if you want to make your own.  


I'm going to give it away as a birthday present to our 'adopted' youth.  We've got an Adopt A Youth program at church this year, and Jada-Rae is our youth.  She turns 15 tomorrow and of course I wasn't on the ball enough to have something ready to give her at church today, but taking this over tomorrow should be pretty special, I'm hoping.  We haven't done too much together yet, but she's coming to babysit M while we go to Sean's work Christmas party on Thursday, and then I think Friday we'll do something all together.

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Marit said...

Hi there Carolyn! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I came "checking your blog out" and the first thing I see is such a happy and beautiful photo of a girl that turns out to be your daughter (I had to read first, ofcourse...!) I know the "cheering for every team grandpa is against thing" My son did the same... it's fun, the "friendly teasing" among grandchild/grandpa...enjoy it!!!