Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day One of Year Four

Yesterday was our 3rd anniversary!  We went out for a dessert at Bitten while M was at Girl Guides to celebrate.

The couches sold!  They'll be picked up on Saturday and we'll see what the new normal will be for our living room.

I have class this weekend and M has a Girl Guide sleepover, so Sean's having a poker night.  I think.  Does anyone know anyone in Regina who likes to play?  We need to find some more poker friends...  (No, I don't play...)

Some layouts:

I did this one at the retreat, except for the journaling part, which I did on the weekend.  (For those of you watching for the shorts... remember I was 15!)  My favorite part of this one is the 'run' on the top and bottom - I had some acrylic letters that I used as masks to spray over with my new glimmer mist (Mimosa, I think it's called).

These two I did over the weekend - I don't think I've done anything on Tuesdays with the girls for the last month - it's turning into more of a social club than a scrapbooking club with everybody still coming to visit even if they don't have anything ready to work on.  This week there were six of us there: 4 of us visiting and 2 with stuff to do.  Oh, and two little boys and lego.  If anyone wants to come and join us, we meet at 10 ish (used to be 9:30 now it's more like 10:30) and you can bring your sewing machine or scrapbooking or just come for a coffee and some laughs.

And I'll leave you with a shot from this morning.  M's class has a retake of their class photo today, so we got her all prettied up before school.  I wanted to take one just to send to Holly in Australia, and took one for you, too, while I was at it.  And yes, that is a hair elastic on her wrist.  That's an ever present fixture on her - at least one, often more.  Isn't she beautiful?

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