Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Decades to Grow, an Hour to Fall

 They started by cutting off the lower 10/12 feet of branches.
 This tree was 2 1/2 times the size of our house.
Then a guy went up in a bucket and tied a rope near the top.
Then this guy made a wedge cut on the 'fall this way' side.
 After they made sure the angle was right, these three pulled on the rope (which was anchored to one of Garth's trees!) while he used the chainsaw on the 'don't fall this way' side.
 And DOWN.
 They cut off the rest of the branches and fed them into the chipper machine.
 Then cut up the trunk with the chainsaw.  (Check out the upright part!)
 We asked for the wood to be left for Sheldon's wood burning stove, so this is what was left when they drove away.  What a difference, hey?
 Can you tell how old it was?  I'm going to print this one off for M to figure out.
 Just after I got home from work, Sheldon and the kids came by to pick up the wood.
 And after M got home, we raked up all the leftover mess, leaves and sawdust, and when Sean got home, he pulled up the one sprinkler that was in the 'to be destroyed' zone.

And now we're ready for tomorrow.  Eleanor, our neighbor on the side you can see there, likes the no-fence look better, and Garth, across the street says it looks way better.  He likes the open look of it.  Also, he said that the city will pay for you to have your sewer lines cleaned out every six months, so if we take our bill from last Friday down, they will send us a cheque.  And we can get it done every year, for free.  Good to know!  Another thing, we shouldn't end up with a big mound.  The guy said it should settle maybe an inch.  Nice.

Check back tomorrow for the latest installment of our exciting world!

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Jess said...

The yard looks so open now! And you don't need to keep a child contained in the yard any longer so having the fence gone will be nice. I always watched for the fence to get the right house. I hope I can still find it!