Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Latest from 2nd Ave.

Since I listed the people who have visited, which was FOUR days ago, I've had visitors from Puerto Rico, Germany and Bolivia! Welcome!! (Especially to Kallie in Bolivia...)

Here's a few shots from today's adventures in the dirt:

First they pulled out a some fence posts...

Then they dug the hole.

This is the after.  I love how ALL our grass is gone.  A nice line of dirt right up to the neighbor's lawn.  Nothing like starting from scratch!

So when you come over next, this is what you can look for.  I think the curving sidewalk is going to drive me nuts.  Have you ever noticed this?  From one side of our property, the sidewalk is right along the curb, and going the other way, it's back from the street.  Poor planning on somebody's part!  And it was nicely hidden from my view from the house before, but now it makes the yard look lopsided.  The pronounced jutting out of the window makes the house look unbalanced, too.  Oh, well.  We'll see if I get used to it.

I had a brainwave today - you know how we bought new couches and haven't sold the old ones yet?  The ones that were supposed to go downstairs but didn't fit and are still in the living room?  Yeah, I figured we should take them to a shop and sell them on consignment.  So when they sell, great.  No rush.  And they won't sit here until they do.  I'll have to look into that tomorrow...

Have a great night!

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