Saturday, March 26, 2011

Package of Happiness

Do you shop online?  I rarely do, unless it was getting textbooks from Amazon, but I check out some scrapbooking steal sites on and off.  Since I rarely shop for scrapbooking supplies (only when we travel to somewhere that has a shop), and since I found a few things that I would use at good prices, I decided to just do it and placed an order with Crafty Steals.  That was February 18.  On Friday I got my package!  Yep, March 25.  I wasn't a patient waiter at all...  And the irony is that in that 5 weeks of waiting, Carla and I went to Saskatoon, I bought a bunch of stuff and have already made stuff with it. 

I'm happy to have this and someday soon will carve out some time to play.

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