Sunday, May 15, 2011

Attack of the Squirrels!

Or, Signs of Spring.

Here are a few shots from the backyard yesterday - you'll want to stay tuned right till the end for the squirrel bit.

Trees are starting to green...

Flowers are starting to sprout...

Birds are in the grass, searching for food...

And Sean's in the garage.  Taking apart and putting together.

On this particular spring Saturday, I was out at a costume sewing bee for the camp, and when I got home, these two had bought some paint and were about to begin a bird house & feeder paint job.

While taking down the duplex, a squirrel surprised Sean by jumping out of the building in his hands!  (He managed to stay on the ladder, happily.)  

About 20 minutes later, back comes the squirrel with four of his family members, to check out his houseless home.  They were stealthy on the way in, slinking along the branches nose to tail, then when they got to the tree they were chattering - I don't speak squirrel, but it sounded pretty ticked off to me. 

I was ready for an attack. 

After assessing the situation, however, they made their way over the neighbor's roof to another tree perch.  I'm still keeping my eyes open, though!

No bird (squirrel) house here, but can you see all five in this picture?

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