Saturday, May 14, 2011

Leftover Soup

I made some homemade vegetable soup a month or so ago, and along with what the recipe called for, I threw in the leftover veggies that were in the fridge.  It was a yummy soup (a P90X recipe), and it inspired me - so for the last while I've been saving those last bits of veggies, chicken and rice that were not going to get eaten as leftovers, and threw them in the freezer.  I even saved some 'veggie broth' - the nice green liquid leftover from cooking broccoli.

The other night I felt motivated and I simmered some chicken stock with celery, onion and carrot for an hour, then added all my thawed soup fixin's.  It ended up a little thick, but I just added a bit of water, and it made a great lunch for Madeline and I three times this week!

I meant to take a photo for you, but ate it all up before I remembered...

So my questions for you are: Do you ever make leftover soup?  Everything but the kitchen sink soup?  Any tips on ratio of liquid to leftovers?  How do you season it? (I used a bit of salt and some fresh ground pepper.) Thanks!


MOM said...

At Christmas, as I am carving the turkey, I put all the bones, skins and yucky bits into my big soup pot with lots of water. I add in the celery ends from making the stuffing and the carrot peels (sometimes even onion skins, but they make it look like I am cooking compost!) and anything else I can find. I leave it simmer while we eat and visit and clean up. Then I strain it and freeze it in 4 cup batches of stock to make soup for months afterward (I usually do this the next day if there is room to keep it in the fridge overnight- helps to get any fat solidified so I can get it off the top). And I have got the turkey garbage out of the way and my counter top clear and ready for all the dirty dishes to pile up.

Carolyn Ward said...

Thanks, Mom! That's awesome.