Sunday, May 29, 2011

Speed... An Acceptable Drug For Young People

The card game Speed, that is.  My almost 12 year old and I have been playing this lots lately - maybe there's someone in your life this could be quality time with.

To play Speed, deal out two piles of seven cards and place them on the sides of the table.  Split the deck so each of you has 19 in a pile in front of you.  Take three cards from that pile to hold in your hand.  At the same time, each of you take the top card from the side pile at your right and turn it over into the middle.  From the cards in your hand, play onto the middle two piles one card higher or lower than the card showing (if we turn over a 5 and a 10, for example, we could lay down either a 4 or 6 or 9 or J).  When you've played a card, replenish your hand from the pile in front of you.  The object is to finish your pile first.  If you get through the side piles (you flip one over from them when you are both out of plays), turn the center pile over to become the new outside pile.


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Violet said...

Love this game!