Tuesday, May 03, 2011

We're the Green Team.

No, not that green, the other green.  The most memorable part of last night, our first game of the season, was that two of our players hooked up with the other team, and the coach, who didn't have his team list with him, didn't catch it....  So they had 5 subs and we had one.  For the second half.   I think we're all sorted now, and should have more players tomorrow.

And I told them we were the green team.  That ended up being so very helpful.

We know the other coach because his son was on our team last year - this year he volunteered to help and ended up coaching, just like what happened to me 2 years ago.  I do think it's pretty sad that of all the kids playing, only three teams had people actually volunteer to coach.  The rest end up getting roped in. 

What is your funniest experience with a kid's sports team?

PS - We're the darker, "Irish" green.

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