Friday, April 24, 2009

What Happened Wednesday

I am going to get to homework, I am! (Maybe.) But I just realized that I didn't tell you about WEDNESDAY.

Wednesday was the day that I had to go pick up the equipment for M's soccer team. I got a phone call a couple of weeks ago saying that they were still finalizing the coaches for the teams, but wanted to nail down people to come and pick up the equipment, and could I help with that.

Yes, I could do that. No problem. Happy to help.

So Wednesday rolls around, I go to the office and they tell me that the meeting for the coaches will start right away. "Oh, I'm not the coach," I said. "I was just asked to pick up the equipment."

"Ok, well, sit through the meeting anyway - it'll be short, and might have some information you need, and then we're handing out the equipment at the end."

I go into the meeting, and get our team's envelope.

See that C- beside my name? Yeah. That stands for coach. And the part of the meeting that I might find useful? I think that was the part where he said that they didn't get enough parents to volunteer to coach, so some of us who said we would help should contact the other parents on the team and tell them we can't do it on our own. (So not only am I coach, but now I'm recruiter, too!)

Here's all the stuff I brought home:

And here it is in the context of my 'studio' where it got dumped:

The thing is, I was thinking about coaching anyway. I hadn't decided if I would call and volunteer or not, and now I don't have to - I think subconsciously I was waiting to see if they'd need me or if I could just sit and watch like last year... Here's my dilemma. If I'm coaching, then I'm not sitting and enjoying the evening with my husband. If I'm coaching, then there's more on my plate and I will get stressed easier. (Maybe. I do have a certain limit to things on my to do list before I get anxious. And then my husband has to put up with a stressed me. While he relaxes and does exactly what he wants to, not what he thinks he should for the good of everyone else... Sigh.) But if I'm coaching, then I am meeting people. I am doing something for the good of the community. For others. That's what I want to be about. I don't believe my purpose in life is to look after myself and make myself comfortable. It's to be in relationships.

I just hope that coaching the 9 & 10 year olds might be more about soccer than it was when I coached her first year. That was more about keeping them on the field!

And THAT'S what happened on Wednesday.


MOM said...

Sounds like those soccer organizers are on to something - a way to get people doing stuff even if they don't think they want to or can or . . .

Maybe that is a technique we could use at Maranatha - you know how hard it is to get people to do stuff!

Keep up the good perspective and enjoy the time - this too will pass , sooner than you think.

We went to the JT musical last night (Si and Levi were in it) and I was fondly remembering when Dad and I were in our high school musicals and then when you kids were in yours - good memories, and gone so fast.

Jessica said...

Soccer should be more about soccer this time. Just don't be the angry coach who yells at the kids and makes them feel bad about losing. OK?
It is good to be what your daughter needs. She will remember when she is older that you cared enough to coach her.