Sunday, April 05, 2009

Part Way

My miraculous little paper is about a third done.

Today's procrastination:
*A nap on the love seat.
*Going out for blizzards at DQ.
*Kissing the husband so he doesn't feel like a "paper widower." That's like a "golf widow" or "poker widow" or "racing widow"...
*Taking pictures of my work space to post on my blog, so you can see I am actually working. (But it would take too much time to actually post them. I'm working, you know.)

There were FOUR comments on my last post! Keep up the good work, readers!! (Oh, I guess one of those was me. Drat.)


Jessica said...

I want to hang out with you when you procrastinate. I like blizzards and naps. Oh and I love you.

dori said...

haha- your procrastination sounds like mine-i should be thankful for exams, i get lots of rest, i fall asleep every 1/2hour of "study"!! but i also eat too much so that sucks, and i think i bombed the test so that really sucks!! So much for feeling good and relaxed about it- i'll have to go back to stressing out- i do much better on exams!!